Agenda for Dental / Front Office Training Classes

At the end of the class students should be able to know:

     1. How to Register a New Patient

     2. How to Attach a New Insurance Plan

     3. How to ask Questions for Breakdown of Insurance Coverage

     4. How to Present a Treatment Plan/Case Management

     5. Basic Dental Terminology

     6. Basic Clinic Charting/Coding

     7. How to Process Insurance Claims

     8. How to Print Month End Reports


Daily 30 Minute Empowerment


I. New Patient Registration:

Week One

· Customer Service/Patient Care

· ICONS and getting familiar with the Dental Program

· Phone Etiquette

Registering New Patient

◦ Scheduling an existing patient

◦ Breaking Appointments

◦ Moving Appointments

◦ Adding family member

◦ Attaching Insurance

** Practice/question day **

II. Basic Dental Terminology:

Week Two

· Basic Dental Coding

· Basic Terminology

· Basic Clinical Charting

**Mid-Term Test on Week 1 and Week Two**

III.Treatment Plan and Case Management:

Week Three

· Break Down Insurance Coverage

· Present Treatment Plan to Patients effectively

. Case Acceptance/ Treatment Acceptance

· Patients Out of Pocket Costs

· Presenting Payment Options to Patients – Care Credit – Discount Plans

IV. Month End Reports

Week Four

· How to Close Out Month End

· Send Month End Report

"Final Exam"

· Acknowledgment Day

◦ Certificate