Training Class


 Agenda for Dental / Front Office Training Classes

At the end of the class students should be able to know:

     1. How to Register a New Patient

     2. How to Attach a New Insurance Plan

     3. How to ask Questions for Breakdown of Insurance Coverage

     4. How to Present a Treatment Plan/Case Management

     5. Basic Dental Terminology

     6. Basic Clinic Charting/Coding

     7. How to Process Insurance Claims

     8. How to Print Month End Reports


Daily 30 Minute Empowerment


I. New Patient Registration:

Week One

Customer Service/Patient Care

ICONS and getting familiar with the Dental Program

Phone Etiquette

Registering New Patient

◦ Scheduling an existing patient

◦ Breaking Appointments

◦ Moving Appointments

◦ Adding family member

◦ Attaching Insurance

** Practice/question day **

II. Basic Dental Terminology:

Week Two

Basic Dental Coding

Basic Terminology

Basic Clinical Charting

**Mid-Term Test on Week 1 and Week Two**

III.Treatment Plan and Case Management:

Week Three

Break Down Insurance Coverage

Present Treatment Plan to Patients effectively

. Case Acceptance/ Treatment Acceptance

Patients Out of Pocket Costs

Presenting Payment Options to Patients Care Credit Discount Plans

IV. Month End Reports

Week Four

How to Close Out Month End

Send Month End Report

"Final Exam"

Acknowledgment Day

◦ Certificate