Is there a fee for service?

    A. Yes depending on the services you are looking for.


Do you offer on-site training?

     A.  Yes – we offer on-site group training and also one-on-one coaching.



Do you offer any other types of motivation?

    A. Yes- we offer a one-day empowerment seminar one Saturday a month from 9-4.


Can anyone attend the monthly seminar?

       A.  Yes- anyone can attend


Is the seminar a free session?

    A.  No, it’s $99.00 per person to attend but we also offer group rates depending on group size.


Is this a direct hire staffing company?

    A. No but we are a resource for your front office hiring needs.


Can we hire our own candidates and send them to you to train on the Dental/Front Office system?

     A. Yes- you can send us your new hire and we would love to train them for you at the training fees only per person.                 


Can we utilize students for vacations, and hire them on permanently.

     A. No- these students are in training, but if we have students who are in our data base who are looking for permanent employment we can refer them to you at no charge.