Our Mission is to help individuals with learning challenges to obtain a successful career in Front Office   Services Believers and Achievers Development are willing to go the extra mile to insure no one is left   behind.
 People learn in so many different ways: Examples of the ways we learn   because we are different it's ok .... Be different!

  • Analyzing. This type of learner craves information. They want to know what the individual components are, and then put them back together so they can form a model of how things look both individually and collectively. This type of learner needs to know lots about a subject before they feel comfortable with it. They will explore it in-depth. They will prepare. They will role play. And only then—only when they feel ready—will they get out there and apply what they've learned. They want to get the performance right the first time, rather than failing over and over until they eventually succeed.


  • Doing. This type of learner probably doesn't want to go through lengthy preparation; rather, they'd prefer to just dive in and "wing it." This type of learner learns experientially by trying something and having it not work as expected; in other words, by trial and error (or trial and success); by experience; by figuring things out themselves. Put them in the moment where things are real, not fake and phoney (as in roleplays) and they'll flourish. Give them an outcome, then get out of their way and let them get to it.

  • Watching (or "Imitation"). This type of learner doesn't learn by learning steps, but by seeing what things look like when they're all pieced together, as you might when you watch somebody who already knows how to do something do what you're trying to learn. People who learn this way learn effectively when they get to "shadow" other people who are already experienced and skilled in doing something that they're trying to learn and watch them in the act.

Because of the very different learning styles we love taking out the time to help each individual discover which style works best for them. then we do what we specialize in, and  that is helping people grow.

And with your contribution we can afford to help more people with learning challenges to become more independent and gain more confident in who they are.